ECDL 1 - Spreadsheets Advanced
The ECDL 1 - Spreadsheets - Advanced tutorial takes you through tasks in Excel 2003 as per module AM 4 of the Advanced ECDL Syllabus version 1.
Templates, Macros and Charts Templates
Using Macros
Linking, Consolidating and Hiding Linking Data
Consolidating Workbooks
Hiding, Splitting and Freezing
Protection, Sorting and Filtering Naming and Protection
Importing Files and Queries
Filtering Data
Formatting, Auditing and Scenarios Custom and Conditional Formats
Auditing Tools
Scenario Manager
Working with Functions Lookup Functions
Time and Mathematical Functions
Logical and Informational Functions
Text Functions
Financial Functions and Data Tables
Database Functions
Comments and Pivot Tables Using Comments
Working with PivotTables