ECDL 1.5 - Word Processing Advanced
The ECDL 1.5 - Word Processing - Advanced tutorial takes you through tasks in Word 2007 as per module AM 3 of the Advanced ECDL Syllabus version 1.5.
Formatting Documents Automatic Options
Text Formatting
Paragraph Formatting
Forms, Master Documents, Outlining Working with Form Fields
Creating Master Documents
Tables and Protection
Linking and Charting Embedding and Linking
Editing and Formatting Charts
Long Documents Bookmarks and Cross-references
Table of Contents and Indexes
Captions and Table of Figures
Footnotes and Endnotes
Working with Columns Breaks and Fields
Using Columns
Working with Graphics Drawing Tools
Clip Organizer
Collaboration and Mail Merge Collaboration
Creating Lables using Mail Merge
Macros and Printing Macros
Printing Documents