ECDL 4 - Presentation
The ECDL 4 - Presentation tutorial takes you through tasks in PowerPoint XP as per Module 6 of the ECDL 4 Syllabus.
Introducing PowerPoint XP Starting PowerPoint and Help
Screen Components
Presentation Views
Navigation and Options
Creating, Opening and Saving Creating New Presentations
Slide Development
Opening, Saving and Closing
Moving, Copying and Formatting Moving and Copying
Formatting Text
Changing Slide Backgrounds
Working with Images Adding ClipArt and Images
Basic Drawing Shapes
Advanced Graphic Features
Masters, Headers and Footers Title and Slide Masters
Speaker Notes and Handouts
Headers and Footers
Charts and Objects Organization Charts
Creating Charts
Modifying Charts
Working with Objects
Preparation and Printing Spell Checking
Preparation and Printing
Slide Shows Transition and Animation Effects
Slide Show Features