Outlook 2000
The Outlook 2000 tutorial takes you step by step through the core to advanced tasks in Outlook 2000.
Introducing Outlook 2000 Starting Outlook
Screen Components
Outlook Folders
Printing in Outlook
Sending and Receiving Mail Creating and Sending Messages
Working with Existing Messages
Message Handling Tools
Using Signatures
Using Stationery and Templates
Customising Address Books
Items, Folders and Documents Viewing Items
Finding Items
Working with Folders
Archiving Folders
Using Documents
Using the Calendar Entering Appointments
Viewing and Arranging Items
Planning Meetings
Adding Events
Saving as Web Page
Contacts List and Customising Adding Contacts
Using the Contact List
Additional Contact Tools
Customising Outlook
Task List, Journal and Notes Creating Tasks
Working with Existing Tasks
Delegating and AutoCreate
Using the Journal
Using Notes