Word 2003 Introduction
The Word 2003 Introduction tutorial takes you step by step through the core to intermediate word processing tasks in Word 2003.
Introducing Word 2003 Starting Word and Help
Screen Components
Navigating Documents
Documents and Selecting Text Creating Documents and Text
Selecting and Deleting Text
Saving, Moving and Copying Opening, Saving and Closing
Moving and Copying Text
Formatting Features Basic Text Formatting
Working with the Font Box
Paragraph Formatting
Automated Formatting
Hyphenation, Styles and Spacing
Themes and Style Gallery
Tabs and Tables Formatting with Tabs
Creating Tables
Modifying Tables
Formatting Tables
Page Layout Features Document Formatting
Working with Columns
Headers and Footers
Proofing Documents Spelling, Grammar and Thesaurus
Find and Replace
AutoCorrect Features
Printing Features Printing Documents
Envelopes and Labels