OCR CLAiT Certification Courses

CLAiT 2006 is a package of three computer qualifications which provides a one-stop shop for learners looking to develop, improve or advance their computer skills.

Suitable for all abilities from complete beginners to confident IT users, CLAiT 2006 features clear progression routes and plenty of choice. You can choose between single units, a certificate or diploma - and you will receive a certificate for whichever option you choose.

CLAiT 2006 also provides a basis for progression to the NVQs which form part of the iTQ suite (NVQ Levels 1, 2 and 3 for IT Users) so you can choose the route most appropriate for your training needs.
CLAiT 2006 Syllabus
Unit 1 - File Management and Document Protection
Unit 2 - Creating Spreadsheets and Graphs
Unit 3 - Database Manipulation
Unit 4 - E-Publication Creation
Unit 5 - Creating a Presentation
Unit 6 - E-Image Creation
Unit 7 - Web Page Creation
Unit 8 - On-Line Communication
CLAiT Plus 2006 Syllabus
Unit 1 - Integrated E-Document Production
Unit 2 - Manipulating Spreadsheets and Graphs
Unit 3 - Creating and Using a Database
Unit 4 - E-Publication Design
Unit 5 - Design an E-Presentation
Unit 6 - E-Image Manipulation
Unit 7 - Web Site Creation
Unit 8 - Electronic Communication

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